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Matador Network

The Best Spots for Churros and Hot Chocolate in Mexico City – April 2020

Where to See Thousands of Migrating Monarch Butterflies in Mexico this Winter – December 2019

Explore Magazine

10 of the Best Hikes in Riding Mountain National Park – October 2018

10 of the Best Hikes near New York City – October 2018

10 of the Best Hikes near Philadelphia, PA – October 2018

10 of the Best Hikes in Grasslands National Park – October 2018

10 Best Hikes in Prince Albert National Park – September 2018

10 Dog-Friendly Parks and Trails near Kelowna, BC – September 2018

10 Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails near Victoria, BC – August 2018

How To Use Less Plastic While Hiking, Camping and Adventuring – April 2018

10 of the Best Hiking Trails Near Victoria, BC – April 2018

10 of the Best Hiking Trails Near Kelowna, BC
– March 2018

Environment 911

Goodbye Food Waste: Ways to Use Your Leftovers & Food Scraps BEFORE You Compost – June 2020

How to Regrow Veggies from Scraps at Home – June 2020

How to Use Less Plastic While Grocery Shopping – June 2020

How to Easily Make Oat Milk at Home – May 2020

7 Eco-Friendly Products You Can Buy That Will Save You Money in the Long Run – May 2020

Snow Pak

The 5 Best Ski Resorts near Kelowna – September 2017

The 10 Best Things to Do During Winter in Vancouver – November 2017

The 10 Best Things to Do During Winter in Whistler – November 2017

Guest Blog Posts:

These are blog posts that I have written for other websites.

What Exactly is Responsible Travel Anyway? | Miss Filatelista – June 2018

Historical Malinalco and Cuauhtinchan | Roaming Love – July 2017


These are blog posts on other websites that I have contributed to.

The Perfect 3-day Itinerary for a Relaxing Weekend in Vancouver | Adventures Abound – May 2020

Books that Inspire You to Travel | Travel with Mansoureh – March 2020

Día de Muertos in Mexico: How, Where and When? | Mexico Cassie – January 2019

The Best Museums in Mexico | Mexico Cassie – September 2018

5 Dreamy Day Trips From Mexico City | Janine in the World – April 2018

Global Street Art: Travelers Share Their Favourite Murals | Northern Lauren – December 2017


These are articles that I have been interviewed for.

Digital Nomad Interviews: My Experience Teaching English Online with SayABC | Global Gallivanting – February 2019

What It’s Like Teaching English in Mexico  | High Heels and a Backpack – August 2017


These are articles where I have been quoted or featured.

5 Zero Waste Experts Share Tips on How to Make Your Own Makeup | Green Matters – July 2018

Top 25 Sustainable Travel Instagrammers that will Inspire You to Travel More Responsibly | Hostel World – June 2018 (The Sustainable Travel Feature Account that I run, Ladies for Sustainable Travel, was featured here.)

Copy Writing:

NJ’s Organic Hair Salon

Kelowna’s First Organic Hair Salon – December 2017

A Sustainable Salon: How NJ’s Recycles Everything, Even Hair! – January 2018

The Dangers of Mainstream Hair & Skin Care Products: What You’re Really Putting on Your Body – January 2018